Our Story


We’re Benoite, Irene, and Ahouefa and we’re a mother/daughter trio, originally from Benin, West Africa.  Although we’ve spent almost three decades in North America, we’ve always kept our culture close to our heart through traditional Fon (our tribe) music, food, and clothing.   

For many years we’ve had the privilege of traveling to and from Benin.  With each visit, we brought back unique gifts of clothing and accessories for our family in the US and Canada.  Eventually, the requests for our clothing and accessories spread from family to friends and eventually friends of friends.  We recognized that people were looking for quality items from Africa that were uniquely styled, so in 2017 we started ViRe (vee-ray).

ViRe, named after our maternal grandparents, is a celebration of our “third culture” experiences.  Our desire is to make African fashion accessible to everyone by merging materials sourced from Benin, the artistry of local Beninese craftsman, and the fashion and trends of the west.  We also believe in honoring the contributions of each of our partners, therefore we ensure that each partner is recognized for their work by paying them a fair wage. We want you to know that when you buy from ViRe you are getting a one-of-a kind creation that is like you...authentic and unique.

With that we say "mi kwabo" (welcome) and "a-houanu" (thank you) for being a part of our ViRe community.