Recharging: My Weekend at The Glen

Recharging: My Weekend at The Glen

8 years ago if you told me that one of my most favourite things to do in the world was to go into the woods for days and disconnect from everything, I would have laughed in your face!  Growing up in mostly cities and larger towns, I was a self professed "city girl" that "hated anything to do with nature".  That all changed when I moved to Vancouver.  This city is the perfect balance between city and nature.  In one day you can literally be hiking near glaciers in the mountains, head down to the beach, and walk through an eclectic neighbourhood in search of the latest foodie trends.  Vancouver is amazing and it's hard not to embrace this whole urban hippie thing.  So here I am, sitting by myself, in a cabin in the woods, and living my best life.

Enjoying the views of the trees and babbling brook.

You see, I'm in that stage of life where life is busy.  I know all stages are busy, but this is BUSY!  Between a husband, child, full time job, and starting a small business life can feel overwhelming at times.  It particularly feels even more overwhelming now that I'm nursing a torn ACL from a  recent accident.  To say that I have been needing to get away is an understatement.  So when our friend Mufaro (nickname given to her by our family in Zimbabwe), invited us up to her family cabin near Mount Baker, Washington it was an easy yes!  The first time we went to their cabin was in May of last year with my sister-in-law.  We spent a few days going hiking, throwing rocks in the local river, eating lots of food and creating memories.  So this cabin holds a special place in my heart.

Myself and our beloved Mufaro.

This trip to the cabin is a little different as there are 13 of us here this weekend, crammed between the cabin, RV, and shed.  Many in the group are strangers to us, as we're all here to spend a few days of quality time with Mufaro before she returns to the east coast from her short visit here.  I'm loving the instant community that has been created through making meals, playing board games, and talking about our love for cheesy dance movies.  As the others go on hikes and explore, I get to sit here in the cabin by myself journaling and dreaming.  I'm in my happy space...quiet, still, and disconnected.  

Our communal breakfast...yes every meal was this beautiful and delicious! 
Amazing new group of friends going on hike to take Fuzz to the river to skip rocks.
Since I couldn't do more than sit around, the group took my old passport picture with them so I could be part of the group photos. LOL
Portrait of Fuzz drawn by one of our new friends.

We all need a space where we can escape from the pressures of life and recharge.  Where do you go to recharge? How often do you get to go there?  I'd love to read about it in the comments below.   

Much Love!


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